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Mid Winter Quickies!

March 18th, 2021

So now that 2021 is in full swing, audiobooks are afoot so let's see what's on the docket!:

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales: Wings of Fury: The latest audiobook I had the pleasure of narrating!!! Check out the teaser by clicking here!

From After a misunderstanding with the law, Miles questions what it means to be a hero when people are ready to believe the worst of you. Tempted by the power and freedom of his new abilities, Miles must decide what kind of Spider-Man he wants to be. When Vulture starts wreaking havoc across the city with his new accomplice Starling, Miles can't just sit back and watch. Teamed up with Peter Parker, the two Spider-Men must stop the winged duo before they can unleash experimental tech across the whole city. With lives at risk, can Miles step up and be a hero?




Wait! What?: Muhammad Ali Was A Chicken?: A fun audiobook for kids about the facts teachers won't tell you about the iconic boxer.  


From Bet you didn’t know that he had an official sweat-taster to determine how salty his sweat was after each match! Siblings Paige and Turner do - and they’ve collected some of the most unusual and surprising facts about him, from his childhood and the spark of his boxing career through his time as heavyweight champion of the world. Narrated by the two spirited siblings, Muhammad Ali Was a Chicken? is an authoritative, accessible, and one-of-a-kind biography infused with Dan Gutman’s signature zany sense of humor.







Wait! What?: Albert Einstein Was A Dope?: Another banger from the "Wait! What?" series authored by Dan Gutman. I enjoyed reading these books as much as I acted them out!



From Did you know that Albert Einstein was a high-school dropout and that he failed his physics class when he finally made it to college? Or that when he died, his brain and eyeballs were removed from his body? Have you ever wondered why his hair looked so wild? Siblings Paige and Turner have - and they’ve collected some of the kookiest and most unusual facts about him, from his childhood and school days through his time studying relativity and working on the atomic bomb.


That's what's up for now, but stay tuned to this page for further goings on!

So with that, be healthy, be safe and be kind. Peace out!!!




2020: So, that was a year... 

December 29th, 2020

As we see another year in our collective rear view mirrors, we approach another one on the horizon. 2020 was definitely a bumpy ride, but to say it has created a monumental shift in our world would be the understatement of the century. With that, here's to a boring 2021!!! 

Even though 2020 was a wild year, it turned to be one of my most artistically prosperous years to date.


Pregones/PRTT:  A NY based theatre company renowned for its quality work of Latinx based storytelling, Pregones/PRTT released a documentary series called "Spotlight". I had the honor to be featured in an episode!

From Pregones/PRTT:

"Filmed primarily at Pregones Theater in The Bronx, the first 10 episodes of SPOTLIGHT feature twenty-two different theater, music, dance, and film/media artists. Each episode is a snappy 30-minute compendium of conversation and performance."



Alma's Way (Animated Series):  Last time we spoke, I mentioned a series I'd been working on for some time. Well, now I can share a little bit more about it. "Alma's Way" , created by the iconic Sonia Manzano and produced by Pipeline Studios and Fred Rogers Productions. 


"The engaging modern-day series stars 6-year-old Alma Rivera, a proud, confident Puerto Rican girl, who lives in the Bronx with her parents and younger brother, Junior, as well as a diverse group of close-knit and loving friends, family, and community members. In each 11-minute story, Alma speaks directly to young viewers, sharing her observations and feelings, working through challenges, and offering them a window into her everyday life."

Click to watch the episode.
"Alma" and her family.  I play her "Papi"!
Click on the turkey, it'll be great!


June, 30th 2022

A LOT has happened since we last met, so here's a quick rundown:


Get A Hold Of Your Elf

Amelia Earhart Is OnThe Moon?

Good Job, George!

Finn's Trucks Vol. 1&2


Velorio (Spanish Edition)

Los Kid Quixotes De Brooklyn

Donut Worry

The Day The Crayons Came Home

Green Is For Christmas (Available Oct. 18, 2022)

How Do Ants Survive A Flood? (Available Aug. 2, 2022)


The musical I've been involved with since it's inception had an amazing pre-Broadway engagement! John Leguizamo's "Kiss My Aztec" played at Hartford Stage on June 1-26. The run may be over, but stay tuned for more updates on the horizon! In the meantime, here's an amazing review!


Performed multiple characters in the Sirius XM podcast series "Marvel Wastelanders: Wolverine", now available on your favorite podcast app!



Played a creepily nonplussed drive-thru attendant for a Wendy's national spot!

Beware the soggy fries!
Check out the show reel!
Here's a sample!

What had happened was... (or NEWS!)

Don't Hug Doug (He Doesn't Like It): The latest audiobook I had the pleasure to narrate!

From Penguin Random House:


"Doug doesn't like hugs. He thinks hugs are too squeezy, too squashy, too squooshy, too smooshy. He doesn't like hello hugs or goodbye hugs, game-winning home run hugs or dropped ice cream cone hugs, and he definitely doesn't like birthday hugs. He'd much rather give a high five--or a low five, a side five, a double five, or a spinny five."

Click to listen to a snippet.

Spanish-language Promo for Nickelodeon: And lastly, here's some turkeys getting excited about Thanksgiving and cartoons!

Have a Happy 2021 and please stay safe and sane out there. Until next time!

"Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

-Bill & Ted (circa 1989)

Late Summer Quickies!

September 19th, 2020


The last few weeks has been a rollercoaster of awesome activity!

So here we go:

Pipeline Productions (Animated Series): Production is going strong, but it'll be a while until I can talk more about this project. So stay tuned! 

Little Squares (Feature Film): Pretty proud of being a part of this one. "Little Squares" is an international production with stories that take place in different parts of the world during a major lockdown caused by a viral outbreak (sound familiar?) This film went from gestation to actual production in a mere few months! It took four days to film my scenes and it was an amazing experience. Again, I can't say much about it but it'll be a film that holds a mirror to the times we're living in. More on this project coming soon!

Click here for the film's IMDB page and here for the website.

The Last Days of T&G (Short Film): A hilarious short about a wacky morning radio show and demonic possession! More on this project later.

Viva! Broadway: Hear Our Voices (Virtual Musical Event): The cast of the "Kiss My Aztec!" musical will be performing a song from the show in this exciting virtual concert! 


Some info about the event:   

"¡Viva Broadway! Hear Our Voices will salute the vibrant, lasting legacy that Latinx artists have contributed and continue to give to Broadway and the entire theatre community while showcasing Latinx talent in an effort to continue to increase representation throughout the industry."

The concert will be held virtually through, Playbill's YouTube channel and The Broadway League's website on Thursday, October 1st @ 8:00pm (EST) and will remain available until Monday October 5th @ 8:00pm (EST). For further details click here!

"Be excellent to each other!"

-Bill & Ted (circa 1989)

The hustle is real!
Photo by Cheshire Isaacs
The Last Days of T&G still.JPG
Things get a little tense in "The Last Days T&G"
Little Squares production still.jpg
The cast of "Kiss My Aztec!" set appear in "Viva Broadway"
Things get even MORE tense in "Little Squares"

Where to start...

August 13, 2020


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we'd be in this wacky timeline called 2020, but here we are!

Now we have to make the most of what's available to us and make it work. And that's where working remotely comes in. Before theatres and studios shut down so much was taken for granted, and now we're in a place where we have to be our own recording engineer, art director, director of photography, lighting designer, it goes on and on and on! 

But now it's the new normal and the entertainment industry has begun to adjust to the current world, granted with plenty of growing pains.


Nevertheless, pa' lante! 

Jesus in Studio.jpg
Studio Upgrades.jpg

Before the NY lockdown came into effect, I'd been performing at the Spanish Repertory Theatre in the first Spanish-language production of "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" as the title role since december of 2019. It was such a wonderful time playing with the best castmates ever every night to sold out performances. I have hope we'll be back on stage sooner than later.





















But since the lockdown took effect, adjustments had to be made. As a full-time voice actor, it's customary to be prepared to record an audition on short notice. With the convenience of the internet, going to a recording studio for an audition or for a booking was a becoming less prevalent and recording from home was becoming more common.


In pre-COVID times I had a decent home recording setup (at least I thought I did at first), it was originally built for auditions and the occasional e-learning project. But when studios were closed for business, I had to make some substantial upgrades to produce broadcast quality material and fast. Once those upgrades were made, home studio ver. 2.0 was a reality! 

From April until now, I've recorded countless VO auditions, ADR for some films and TV shows, a commercial, an audiobook and now an unannounced animated TV series slated for release in late 2021!!!

There's plenty more to talk about, but let's put a pin in it for now and stay tuned, because things are in the works and when the time comes the details will come to light. 

Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay the course. Cheers!

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

Aaaand we're back!!!

August 12, 2020


Well, it’s been a minute, but we’re back online!!!


Stay tuned for the latest of what’s going and be excellent to each other!


P.S.: Don’t touch your face.

jesus smile.GIF
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